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About us

.LONDON is the official domain name, or web address, for London

From small businesses to global enterprises, .LONDON stands out from the crowd, tapping into the prestige and exclusivity of the London brand and connecting you to your local community.

Let the world know where you do business! Registering a .LONDON domain name creates a direct connection between your business and one of the world’s leading cities for business, tourism and innovation.

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Who is .LONDON?

.LONDON is operated by Dot London Domains Limited and was launched in 2014, with the endorsement of the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority.

Dot London Domains Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of London & Partners, a social enterprise with a mission to create economic growth that is resilient, sustainable and inclusive for London. That’s why all profits we make from .LONDON go back into our work for the benefit of London and Londoners.

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Why choose a .LONDON domain name?

There are many benefits to choosing .LONDON, from making it easier to connect with your local community to the reputation of the domain name as the official web address for London.

We are committed to running a high-quality top-level domain (TLD) and are proud that the .LONDON portfolio has been identified as one of the cleanest in terms of abuse and spam, giving the domain name a strong positive reputation.

We are a member of the Internet Watch Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that works to make the internet a safer place, and geoTLD group which works to improve the visibility and effectiveness of geographic-based domain names like .LONDON.

There are many more reasons to choose a .LONDON web address, from SEO wins and more available domain names, to becoming part of a proud community of .Londoners.

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