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Show the world where you do business with a .LONDON domain name and tap into the prestige and exclusivity of the London brand.

But what does that mean exactly? It means your website reflects London’s position as a global business powerhouse.

London is always among the top economic performers in the European region, filled with outstanding talent and an innovative spirit that combine to make it one of the most dynamic and desired cities to do business.

But that’s not just good news for big companies. Small local businesses, from cafes to beauty salons across the city, are all part of this constantly evolving ecosystem and can take advantage of the city’s opportunities.

128,338 new businesses

128,338 new businesses

registered in London in 2021



more compared with 2019 [Companies House]

London is a world leader across many sectors, from fast-growing ones such as artificial intelligence, healthcare and cleantech, to creative sectors such as film and TV production, design and fashion, as well as home to world-class universities.

And in such a dynamic environment, it is a great place for all sorts of businesses such as cafes offering food from all corners of the world, tattoo shops and beaty salons, to name just a few. Plus, Londoners are already very forward thinking and tech-savvy.

These factors make London the perfect lab for trying out new ideas. When you combine everything, it’s no wonder companies from all around the world want to have a base in London, which benefits the local economy and keeps the city’s ecosystem growing.

The power of .LONDON

Tube entrance at Piccadilly Circus. Credit: Shutterstock. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

As the birthplace of many global movements and trends, the word London itself is instantly recognisable, just what you want in your web address.

The reason London packs a punch is because it’s home to iconic landmarks, characters and districts recognised the world over, from trendy Soho and Wimbledon to the West End’s theatre scene and icons such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben and even James Bond!

London is renown around the world as a trendsetting city. All these elements play into having a .LONDON address, reminding your website users that London is where you do business.

The strength of community

Check out a local cafe in London. Credit: London & Partners/Peter Kindersley. Image courtesy of London & Partners/Peter Kindersley.

But London is much more than its landmarks. With more than 300 languages spoken across London, it is one of the most diverse cities in the world and each culture plays its part in making the city great.

Each borough is home to a multitude of unique communities with their local businesses, and that’s where a .LONDON web address shines brighter than a conventional domain, because it instantly connects with Londoners, it tells them you are local in a stronger and more relatable way than a “.co.uk”.

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