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How could a .LONDON domain help your food business succeed?

The UK is home to world-class restaurants, vibrant street food markets and boundary-pushing chefs, and London is leading the culinary charge. 

The capital’s reputation as a foodie destination has risen along with its growing diversity. In fact, you could sample food from a different culture for every single meal of the week. 

But with so many fantastic food businesses, how can you make sure you stand out and succeed? 

A good place to start is with a .LONDON domain. Unlike .COM, .LONDON is the perfect way to boost your brand and identity. It aligns your restaurant with the capital’s rich culinary heritage and makes it easier for adventurous visitors and ravenous residents to discover you. 

Why a .LONDON domain is great for food businesses

If you’re a brand-new food business, the good news is that London’s locals and tourists are always on the hunt for novel and exciting experiences. But novelty alone is no guarantee of success. 

Alongside offering a great product, you also have to make sure people can find you. In our digital era, the key to being discovered is an optimised online presence, and the cornerstone of that is a great and memorable domain name. 

The main part of your web address should be as close to your business name as possible, but when it comes to the domain extension or top-level domain (TLD), you have options. Many go for .COM, a globally-recognised standard. Others for the national .CO.UK. But for a more local flavour, there is .LONDON.

A .LONDON domain is like a membership card for one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse food scenes. It conveys that all important sense of place. You’re not just a restaurant. You’re a London restaurant.

It’s also great for ranking in search engine results when people are googling somewhere local to eat, and has more availability than other TLDs, so you are more likely to get the domain name you want

Food businesses succeeding with a .LONDON domain name

Restaurants of every size, location and cuisine can benefit equally from a .LONDON domain. Here are just five to inspire you:

The Twenty Two – the22.london

An Edwardian manor on Grosvenor Square is the setting for this restaurant in Mayfair. 

The Twenty Two is a hotel and cultural space “dedicated to the art of lingering,” featuring a neighbourhood restaurant that serves Mediterranean-inflected British fare in 18th-century France-inspired surroundings. 

You can eat everything from octopus croquettes to beef wellington in the splendour of the sky blue panelled dining room, and then sleep it off in a four poster bed. 

European influences. Elegant decor. Edwardian architecture. The Twenty Two is a distinctly London experience with a distinctly .LONDON domain. 

MBER – mber.london

MBER serves Filipino cuisine on one of London’s most significant historic sites, Pudding Lane. That means feasting on east Asian-inspired dishes near the site of the Great Fire of 1666.

Having opened its doors in 2016, the 350th anniversary of the fire, MBER pays homage to this momentous event and embraces its heritage. 

And MBER’s association with this fascinating history is clear from its use of a .LONDON domain. 

EDIT – edit.london

With plant-based gastronomy, local and sustainable ingredients and a constantly changing seasonal tasting menu, EDIT is one of London’s most intriguing restaurants. 

EDIT was founded by Elly Ward, an architect, who saw the food industry as an opportunity to effect more immediate positive change, compared to the years-long effort it would take to make a difference in the construction industry. 

The restaurant minimises waste through root-to-fruit food preparation, and works only with small scale farmers and foragers. These ideals are also reflected in the restaurant’s interiors, which utilise sustainable materials and circular design. 

Bold, forward-thinking and innovative, there couldn’t be a more appropriate domain than .LONDON for EDIT. 

Hannah – hannahrestaurant.london

Hannah is another establishment that embraces sustainable, low-waste food preparation, but in the form of a contemporary Kaiseki restaurant, which fuses elements from across Japan’s food culture.

But while its food is distinctly Japanese, Hannah sources local British ingredients and blends Japanese culture with cooking practices from the UK. 

Chef Daisuke has even ensured that his Dashi, a stock that’s central to Japanese cuisine, has been adapted to London water, which has a different consistency and taste to Japanese water, to best capture its intricate flavour.

Adapting tradition to the dynamism and diversity of the capital’s food scene makes Hannah an ideal .Londoner. 

The Distillery – the-distillery.london

Just off the bustle of Portobello Road is The Distillery, a four-floor working distillery, cocktail lounge and restaurant dedicated to that most British of spirits, gin. 

Although not British in origin, gin grew to become the national drink of England after the Glorious Revolution of 1688. This versatile spirit is still frequently cited as a national favourite. At The Distillery, you can enjoy the homegrown version mixed into a variety of bespoke cocktails alongside small and large plates. 

The Distillery’s .LONDON domain is a great choice for an establishment that celebrates London’s liquor, and helps it stand out among the city’s many excellent bars and restaurants.  

How can I get a .LONDON domain name? 

A .LONDON domain is a mark of credibility and heritage for any food business, whether you serve sustainable small plates on reclaimed tables or octopus croquettes in 18th century splendour. 

Join the .LONDON restaurant community by simply checking your preferred .LONDON domain name is available and registering.