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Natural for Baby

Natural for Baby. Image courtesy of Natural for Baby.

Natural for Baby is an independently owned business in south-west London selling high-quality, ethically made baby products from organic or natural materials.

The shop, which specialises in baby gifts and essentials, also holds sustainable values, with in-shop recycling, electricity sourced from a renewable supplier and the guarantee that for every purchase made a tree is planted.

The ethically conscious brand is very proud to be based in the UK capital and receives a lot of love from local customers, which is why Natural for Baby joined the .LONDON community.

Business owner Elizabeth first heard about the .LONDON domain from a colleague in a previous position, who was excited by it. So, in 2018, when Elizabeth was building the website for Natural for Baby, she knew exactly where to turn for her domain name.

The domain name helps brands to feel a part of the broad and supportive London community. This is a valuable perk to brands like Natural for Baby, as owner Elizabeth describes what being a Londoner means to her:

“What can I say, I love London, I was born here and have lived in London all of my life.”

Elizabeth, Natural for Baby

The domain name also helps brands like Natural for Baby with a wide international audience. With customers from the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Elizabeth uses the domain along with the #London hashtag on social media posts to let her customers know where she is based.

When asked whether they would recommend .LONDON to other London businesses, the team at Natural for Baby said they would due to the domain name’s uniqueness.