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Sign up for .LONDON Promotion Program

The Promoter 

Dot London Domains LTD., a company registered in England and Wales with registered company number 07982351 and whose registered office is at London & Partners, 169 Union Street, London SE1 0LL. 

Term of Promotion Program 

The .LONDON promotion program (the “Promotion”) shall be valid for all registrars that provide Internet domain name registration services for the .LONDON top-level domain (“Registrars”) completing new .LONDON registrations between 1 October 2022 UTC 00.00 and 1 October 2024 UTC 00.00 (the “Term”). 

The Promotion 

Registrars that sign up for the Promotion shall receive a 50% discount on the fees for the first year of registration of each .LONDON domain.  

The discount will be set through the system and applied at the time of transaction. 

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    In order to be eligible for the Promotion, Registrars must undertake at least one(1) of the following activities on their website(s):

    *Registrars that share their company logo and URL to their mini landing .LONDON page or their promotion with contact@register.london shall also be listed on .LONDON as a promotional partner.

    Whilst at least one of the above activities is required to be eligible for the Promotion, Registrars are welcome to implement as many activities as they wish.

    Additional information

    The Promotion does not apply to: (i) premium domains, (ii) second and subsequent years registration costs, (iii) registrations after the Term, including, renewal costs, (iii) transfer costs; and (iv) any other costs.

    The Promoter reserves the right to revoke any applicable discount and invoice for any discounted amount for:

    • any use, creation or promotion of abusive domains by a Registrar as determined by The Promoter in its sole discretion;

    • failure by a Registrar to implement or maintain an activity set out above; or

    • failure by a Registrar to act in accordance with the Promoter’s Acceptable Use Policy (which can be found here).

    Where issues persist, the Promoter reserves the right to revoke a Registrars inclusion in the promotion.

    Registrars selling more than 30 new standard domain registrations per month in three (3) consecutive months may be eligible for a special promotion. Download special promotion details [PDF 98.5 KB].