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Three soy-based candles from Teepee.London
Teepee.London candles. Image courtesy of Teepee.London.

Teepee.London is a proud London-based company that sells soy candle-making kits so that adults and kids can enjoy creating their own beautifully scented, luxury candles. 

Selling its product on both its website and the online marketplace Etsy, the brand first heard about the .LONDON domain through a Lexsynergy newsletter. The London-loving company has reaped the benefits of its .LONDON domain name ever since, even using it to form part of its brand identity. 

Boasting more than 200 five-star ratings on Etsy, the popular brand has a wide range of customers from individuals looking for that perfect gift, to businesses in search of a fun teambuilding activity. But despite its broad consumer base, Teepee.London claims that its customers all share a desire to support local businesses, and it’s the .LONDON domain name that helps signify that. 

It’s not just about being a local business though, for Teepee.London it’s about being a London-based local business. 

“London is one of the greatest cities to live in and I feel very grateful to be able to run my business from there. Using a .LONDON domain is just emphasising where our little candle kits are coming from.”

Isabelle Korvin-Greenberg, Teepee.London

For Teepee.London, the adoption of the domain name was about recognition for their audience and a celebration of the incredible city in which they are based. When asked whether they would recommend the .LONDON domain to other London businesses, Isabelle said that she recommends any business located in London registers a .LONDON domain.